Just took a trip down to Cocodrie, LA where we caught Red Fish, Speckled Trout and Drum – all delectable!

In the evening our daily catch was prepared by Connie Townsend, a very talented cook and owner of The Sportsman’s Paradise camp restaurant. My favorite local preparation is bronzed fish, a Louisiana tradition somewhat similar to blackening except without all of the undesirable smoke the blackening process produces.

The fish were also delicious fried and we enjoyed them sautéed with a spicy orange sauce. Going to throw the large Bull Reds on the grill this weekend keeping the skin and scales on. I will simply baste them with butter and garlic as they cook scale side down and serve with broiled tomatoes and corn.

You don’t have to make things complicated when food is this fresh!

The fishing was fantastic, the marsh is beautiful and the locals couldn’t make you feel more at home in Cocodrie. If you have an opportunity to take a visit go for it!