I’ve created each of my Chef Jenn dishes from tried-and-true winners I developed during my years catering everything from small elegant dinners to large celebrations. My goal is to provide my customers with options they are proud to serve any night of the week—each dish is a yummy shortcut to entertaining guests with flair or keeping it scrumptious at home with family.

Before any of my products debut in-store, I start in my own kitchen with the best quality seafood available. Since seafood often has a very delicate flavor, I carefully add other superior ingredients to enhance that flavor without overwhelming it. I choose the best vegetables, cheeses, dairy products, herbs and spices I can get my hands on to create dishes folks are proud to feature any night of the week.

Whether the boss or the soccer team shows up for dinner, with a few extra Chef Jenn favorites on hand, my customers are always prepared for anything!