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Chef Jenn is the brainchild of Jennifer McCullough, a devotee of Southern food who comes by it honestly. With family from the Delta to the Big Easy, Chef Jenn cut her teeth on some of the most exciting flavors in America. While attending the University of Texas at Austin, she was inspired by the local Austin restaurant scene and began attending culinary classes on weekends. After finishing culinary school and traveling the globe, she was drawn back to her Memphis roots. Recognizing the need for quality, convenient food in the region, Chef Jenn embarked on a journey that would lead to the creation of her own line of signature, gourmet products.

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Walmart as well as several independent grocery stores offer Chef Jenn’s signature dishes combining quality seafood with fresh vegetables and a delicate selection of herbs to create flavorful, delicious appetizers and meals for any occasion.

Chef Jenn began taking culinary classes as an undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin and later trained in classical French cuisine at The Cooking School of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado. She also spent time in Avignon, France where she worked in a local boulangerie under the direction of a master baker.

McCullough’s varied background prepared her to create what Chef Jenn is today — a unique, convenient way to make every night of the week more delicious.

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