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Chef Jenn Featured in Faces of Memphis

Every year, StyleBluePrint seeks out the stories of dozens of hard-working, successful, brilliant and fascinating women in order to share their priceless words of wisdom. Read the full story on Chef Jenn here.

Chef Jenn was featured in 2015’s edition of Memphis FACES along with numerous other artists, executives and business owners, and offered up the following quip when asked her best piece of advice for others:

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Jenn discusses her background growing up in Memphis, her culinary experiences in Austin and her move to culinary […]

Chef Jenn On Local Memphis Live

Chef Jenn’s most recent appearance on Local Memphis Live came just before this past Thanksgiving. She opened with her fantastic shrimp and grits meal, then segued into regular news on a dance segment, Black Friday Violence, and Jimmy Kimmel. Check it out, and check out her shrimp and grits

Looking Back: Spotlighting Chef Jenn’s start

A couple years ago, The Daily News ran a short bio of Chef Jenn, highlighting her success in the business world despite learning on her feet, plus her upbringing around people who know what they’re doing in the kitchen and her extensive, beyond-culinary education.

The article touches on one of her early television appearances, Channel 3’s Live at Nine, and how that small step led her to the doors of 116 Kroger stores across three states–and counting.

If you’re interested in finding out how Chef Jenn started her ever-expanding edible empire, follow the link to the story. As you can expect with her, she’s poignant, insightful, […]

Chef Jenn and Small Business: A recipe for success

Memphis just eats us up.

Chef Jenn headlined a talk at the Memphis Small Business Seminar last Thursday, and addressed the business side of her, well, business—there’s a lot more to starting a successful food operation than knowing how to cook a delicious meal.

The focus of her talk was to share her previous successes and failures with her fellow business people, and she hoped to inspire and educate her colleagues in taking on the challenge of launching an operation around something they believe in.

Her insights included her perspective on her company as a businesswoman, being an entrepreneur and marketing and selling. Check out the news […]

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    Chef Jenn Among “Super Women in Business” In Memphis Business Journal

Chef Jenn Among “Super Women in Business” In Memphis Business Journal

In preparation for Memphis Business Journal’s third enshrinement of 25 notable Memphis businesswomen, Chef Jenn took a few moments to answer some questions about her mentors, motivations, and memories. As noted, Jenn was one of the 25 “most accomplished and influential” women at this year’s luncheon on August 29th. Click through to find out a little about her father and one of her surprise hobbies.

Food For Thought: Chef Jenn

‘Chef Jenn’ McCullough serves up her story of small-business success
By Don Wade – Memphis Daily News (http://www.memphisdailynews.com/news/2015/sep/5/food-for-thought/) Images: Memphis News/Andrew J. Breig

If you’re shopping at Kroger or Wal-Mart, you might see Chef Jenn. She won’t be hard to miss in her white chef’s jacket, and a blue scarf around her neck, smiling out at you from inside the freezer case on a package of her buffalo-style shrimp dip or on a shelf housing a box of her new cheese grits or “hushpuppies with a bark.”

But Jennifer McCullough, aka Chef Jenn, also might see you. And speak to you. And even […]

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Chef Jenn Meals Reach Wal-Mart

Chef Jenn’s products took a big step forward last week, agreeing to terms which will put her meals in 800 Wal-Mart stores.

The initial query to Wal-Mart carried no expectations on her end, so it was a great surprise to be launching her product in over 300 stores just months after the first 30-minute meeting.

The City Wire, an Arkansas-based news outlet, interviewed Jenn for a story on the development, and she was candid about both the impact of the contract and her decision to outsource the food production while maintaining control over the actual foods purchased for her meals.

Read the entire piece, and […]

From Homemade to Home Run: Chef Jenn’s Story

This year, Jennifer McCullough has cooked up nothing but victory. In April, she won Food Network’s reality cooking competition, Cutthroat Kitchen. And in July, she took a chance by attending Walmart’s Open Call for products that support American jobs, where she got more great news: Several of her gourmet frozen food products will soon be sold in our stores.

Her dishes center around seafood from the Gulf, but the common ingredient in all of them is a passion for deliciously easy entertaining. Watch how this single mother from Memphis built her own brand – and why we thought her products were the perfect […]

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Super Women in Business: Jennifer McCullough

Jennifer McCullough, owner of Chef Jenn
Who was/is your career mentor? My father. He came home with the same disposition every night in spite of the pressure, stress, the highs and the lows that go along with owning your own company. His steady temperament and constant reliability make him an exceptional leader as well as father.
Red the full article at The Memphis Business Journal here: http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2014/08/27/super-women-in-business-jennifer-mccullough-chef.html

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Chef Jenn @ Harris Teeter

Those of you on the eastern seaboard will soon be able to find Chef Jenn at a Harris Teeter near you- August 2014

Chef Jenn Wins “Cut Throat Kitchen”

As initially noted by Memphis Business Journal, Chef Jenn won Food Network’s recent “Cut Throat Kitchen” episode titled “The Rice Stuff.”

Filming took place in early January, but the episode aired three times locally during late spring. After being sought out by the show, she decided to take the risk and compete, despite other contestants being full-time restaurant chefs and the sometimes-tricky editing done in post-production.

As it turns out, the risk was worth the reward.

Chef Jenn on Cutthroat Kitchen April 27, 9pm central

Chef Jenn is coming up on Season 3, Episode 7 of Cutthroat Kitchen on Sunday April 27. This episode, named ‘The Rice Stuff’ airs at 9pm (central). This episode will see the tedious separation of grains of rice to make risotto; the long wait for their number to be called at the Cutthroat Kitchen Deli and one chef must chisel their ingredients from a block of ice…

Just how far is Chef Jenn willing to go to win a cooking competition? Cutthroat Kitchen hands four chefs each $25,000 and the opportunity to spend that money on helping themselves or sabotaging their competitors. […]

Crawfish Enchiladas on Live @ 9

Crawfish… Enchiladas…. how about Crawfish Enchiladas! Chef Jenn with hosts of WREG Live @ 9, Mary Beth Conley and Alex Coleman, show us how to fix this up in a snap! #chefjenn #dipcrackersbottleofwinedone #mardigrasinyourmouth

Mark your calendars for Cutthroat Kitchen, on the Food Network, April 27, 2014 at 9pm Central…

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    Chef Jenn’s Valentine dinner ideas! WREG Live@9 Feb 3rd 2014

Chef Jenn’s Valentine dinner ideas! WREG Live@9 Feb 3rd 2014

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