Chef Jenn is an advocate of health and fitness in her personal life and in her community support. From long distance biking to deep sea fishing , she is physical active and promotes a well balanced life.

jenn explain semiOn the side of each box of Chef Jenn product is a web link to the Model for Health Living. This model was developed by Dr. Scott Morris who founded a medical clinic for the working poor in Memphis in 1987. Dr. Morris created the model after observing that the physical health of his patients was often itself a symptom of larger issues relating to a lack of life balance.

The model is part of the Church Health Center’s replication program which has now helped with the launch of clinics and wellness program in 40 cities across the US and is also part of a curriculum distributed to over 15,000 nurses around the world.
For more information on how the Model for Healthy Living can help you see