Mahi Mahi Burger

With a firm, meaty texture yet delicate flavor, Mahi Mahi is a perfect candidate for the Chef Jenn touch – we’ve created a mouthwatering burger featuring fire-roasted peppers and a touch of chopped onion.  A dusting of blackened seasoning and a hint of citrus round out the flavor.

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Seafood Mac & Cheese

Not your standard mac & cheese. Make tonight special with something a little different – seafood, shrimp and lobster push this already decadent dish over the top. Creamy and cheesy with buttery panko on top.

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Seafood & Shrimp Alfredo

Enjoy this Italian-American favorite the Chef Jenn way – over the top with succulent shrimp and seafood in buttery, creamy alfredo. Panko topping kicks the texture up a notch with crunchy goodness.

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Shrimp & Cheese Grits

Made with stone-ground grits, succulent shrimp, luscious cheeses and the perfect blend of seasonings, our Shrimp & Cheese Grits is an instant classic. This dish is just as delicious with a glass of orange juice at brunch as it is with a glass of wine at dinner.

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Heavenly Deviled Crab

Fall in love with hand-picked blue crabmeat blended with a dollop of premium mayonnaise and set apart by the perfect blend of spices and toasted bread crumbs for crunch. A best-seller and customer favorite.

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